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Neoprene Cat Toddler Backpack


Product Description

We love to go on family picnics in the country, but they require a lot of planning and a lot of stuff. When it comes to food, my little girl has her own likes, dislikes, and allergies so we all wind up eating different snacks. So to save myself hassle, I got her this cutesy cat backpack! It helps me separate her food and juice boxes from mine and my husband’s so there’s no cross-contamination. Plus, it gives her a little responsibility because she gets to carry her own lunch.

That’s such a neat idea! But don’t her sandwiches get squashed? My daughter is so not ladylike – she throws her stuff around all over the place!

 Well, this kitty cat backpack is made of neoprene; it can get crushed, sat on, hugged, and squeezed and it just pops right back into shape! And if any food spills on it, it can just be thrown in the machine to get it clean again.

Sounds like my kind of bag!

I know, right? It’s also one of the cutest backpacks for girls or boys I’ve ever seen. It is way more than your standard cartoon backpack; it’s got adorable 3D features like ears and a tail, along with appliqué eyes, whiskers, and stripes. And it’s super-roomy so all my daughter’s snacks fit right inside. It’s the perfect lunch backpack – go get your paws on it!


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